"No matter how difficult, we shine the most when all 6 of us are together."

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August 20
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August 20
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i love how no matter how badly you fuck up benadryl cumquat’s name everyone on here still knows who ur talking about

August 20
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August 20
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DooJoon leading the way.

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August 19
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“I consider everything that happened to be precious moments of my life. The pain. The suffering. The fun… And I am here right now, because everyone was there for me. I couldn’t have accomplished anything by standing still, without anybody’s help. I treasure every moment I have spent here. Unlucky? I feel pretty lucky. This is my resolve.”

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August 19
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August 19
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August 18
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August 18
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why hasn’t it hit me yet that i need to do my fucking homework

August 18
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August 18
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B2utys singing ‘Thanks To’ to B2st. This is such a precious moment.

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August 18
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Thank you B2ST ♥ Let’s see each other for a long time

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August 16
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listen (x)

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August 16
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B e a u t i f u l   S h o w  2 0 1 4

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August 16
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I am literally the friend that gives relationship advice and is always single.

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